Meet the Key to keeping you connected! The Elecstor Delta Mini DC UPS

Introducing the Electro Delta: an innovative 60-watt mini DC UPS that redefines portable power solutions. Compact yet robust, this cutting-edge device is engineered with versatility in mind, seamlessly catering to an extensive range of devices. From keeping critical electronics running during power outages to empowering your on-the-go tech setup with uninterrupted performance, the Electro Delta is your ultimate ally. Its sleek design and unparalleled reliability make it a must-have for anyone seeking efficient power solutions in any situation.


Dimensions25 x 14 x 5cm
Battery MaH – 14400mAh 
Type – LiFePO4 batteries with over 2000 cycles. 
Power Output60W
Input Power 100-240V AC 
Output Ports & Voltage  1 x 5V USB 
1 x DC 9V 
4 x DC 12V 
1 x POE 15/24V 
1 x 12 V Solar 
Charging Time 4 Hours 
Bonus features Power your router and fibre ONU (Optical Network Unit) during power outages. 
Keep your mobile devices charged with a USB port. 
Compatible with a wide range of routers. 
Intelligent protective design with over-charge, over-discharge, and short circuit protection.  
POE port for powering devices with ethernet cable. 

At the centre of the unit we have the power on button, 3 LED indicators for status for AC Power, AC back up and Overloaded. You also have a battery indicator showing 25% 50% and 100%. The back is where we find our POE lan port as well as selective voltage of 15 and 24. There is also a 19V 5 amp port, 4 12V 8 amp ports, 9V 3 amp port and 2 40V in. On the front is where you will find the 12V solar input and the USB charging port. The front also has a fan for cooling on the top air intakes as well as vents underneath and on the sides for regulating cooling.

Run TImes

Cctv camera – 2.5 hours 

Camera, portable gaming station , smartphone, tablets LED Bulbs – 4 hours  

Router and ONU – 6 hours  

POE Phone – 8 Hours 


The Elecstor Delta Mini DC UPS retails between R1400 and R1500.

The battery capacity of the Elecstor Delta Mini DC UPS allows for specific use such as powering wifi and such. It isn’t a generator to power your entire home but with loadshedding it can be a source of power to get you through loadshedding times powering wifi maybe laptop or phones for some time killing activities. TechSceneZA rates the Elecstor Delta Mini DC UPS a 7/10 for it being the useful backup power supply.

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