Tech Scene ZA is the brain child of our host Preshaan Dhanilall

For months Preshaan sought for a way to showcase the Fun and Awesome projects he gets up to .Then the idea of a YouTube page came to mind, following which he dove into researching technology based content creation for YouTube because at the time YouTube Content creation wasn’t a very big thing in South Africa. After months of pondering and contemplating the first Video was uploaded to Tech Scene ZA on the 7th of December 2018 and the rest they say….. is history.

Why the Name Tech Scene ZA ?

when doing his research Preshaan came across 2 big South African based tech YouTubers and found that although they were in South Africa , they catered to mainly the international market .Preshaan then decided that the channel name needed to include something that told viewers we are from South Africa , delivering content to South Africa. After throwing around many names for the channel , the decision came down to 2 : Techo 72 & Tech Scene ZA … needless to say but Tech Scene ZA came out the victor.

Where are we now

Tech Scene ZA had a very strong start with support from many friends and family , but in the year that followed , things evolved at a very slow pace .This was when Preshaan realized that maybe Tech Scene needed some direction instead of just his random projects at home.

In January of 2020 Preshaan launched a second Youtube channel PreshaanD Vlogs for him to separate the randomness from the tech and allow Tech Scene to be niche’d down and grow to its full potential. From then Tech Scene has focused mainly with Product Reviews , Phone Reviews , The Occasional Networking Video , along side some Computer & PC related content and his favorite content to create Project Broken Tech.

After niche’ing down, Tech Scene experienced exponential growth and development. So much so that in May of that year, Preshaan decided he wanted to spread the written word of Tech Scene ZA to a broader and wide audience.That started with the procurement of the web domain and the beginning of the Tech Scene ZA Blog Page.