Logitech Brings a One Click and Clack combo

Introducing the MK270 Wireless Combo, a seamless integration of convenience and comfort engineered to elevate your computing experience. This innovative pairing combines the functionality of a full-sized keyboard with the ergonomic design of a sculpted, compact mouse, providing you with the best of both worlds. Navigate with ease and precision using the integrated media keys, allowing quick access to your multimedia functions. The dedicated number pad ensures effortless input, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity. With precise cursor control, every movement is smooth and accurate, empowering you to tackle tasks with confidence. Whether you’re working on spreadsheets, browsing the web, or enjoying multimedia content, the MK270 Wireless Combo is your trusted companion for efficient computing. Embrace the synergy of form and function and revolutionize the way you work with the MK270 Wireless Combo. 

Whats in the box?

  • Wireless Keyboard with 2 AAA batteries 
  • Mouse with 1 AA battery 
  • USB receiver 
  • User documentation

The keyboard is adjustable in terms of height at an 8 degree incline. The mouse has sensor technology which allows for smooth optical tracking and standard right and left clicks, scroll wheel and scroll click. The keyboard is spill resistant for all the klutses out there and includes drainage holes under the keyboard. The plastic of the keyboard is 54% post-consumer recycled material with the mouse being 49% post-consumer recycled material and is certified carbon neutral. The keyboard has an almost standardised design but with a small curve at the bottom. The mouse has a simple design with a matte rubber like finish. Both mouse and keyboard do come equipped with an on and off button so that your not constantly wasting the battery life.


DimensionsKeyboard: Height: 149 mm 
Width: 441 mm 
Depth: 18 mm 
Mouse: Height: 99 mm 
Width: 60 mm 
Depth: 39 mm 
Nano receiver: Height: 18.7 mm 
Width: 14.4 mm 
Depth: 6.6 mm 
WeightKeyboard=498 g  
Mouse=75.2 g  
Nano receiver= 2.0 g 
Wireless range10 meters
Keys10-Key Number pad 
Full keyboard
Key type: deep profile 
Multimedia Keys
2 AAA batteries(Alkaline Battery) 
Battery life: 36 months 
1 AA battery 
Battery life: 12 months 


The MK270 Wireless Combo retails between R700 and R500.

For its price point the MK270 Wireless Combo posses both cost effectiveness as well as durability compared to the other keyboard mouse combos in the price range. With it being it built from recycled plastic it posses eco friendly component as well as promotes the durability. A quality of life benefit of the MK270 Wireless Combo is that it has a Caps lock indicator which for some of us induces less range having to type and delete words due to caps locks. One drawback we found with the keyboard is that the firmness of the keys is lacking having a sort fragile feel to it. TechSceneZA rates the MK270 Wireless Combo a 8.7/10 for its adequate functionality and budget friendly cost.

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