The Last 5G plan you might ever need the Rain One uncapped 5G home wifi

If your looking for good reliable and cheap internet you cannot overlook the Rain One 5G package. When Rain came to South Africa they came into a market there were no competitors selling uncapped 4G internet, it was an untapped market making the price they were selling sounding like a scam. Unfortunately as the subscriber base grew the network bandwidth did not and couldn’t cope with the influx of people subscribing to rain resulting in the slow connections most experienced. Now in 2023 Rain has updated their spectrum and bandwidth to hold firm for the amount of people in need of uncapped internet by offering the Rain One Plan.

The Rain One Plan offers uncapped 5G internet at 30mbs to your home, it offers 2 sim cards with 2 gigs of data each and 60 minutes talk time as well as 100 SMSes all for the price of R560 a month on a month to month contract. Rain also allows you to increase your internet speed to 60mbs which you would have to pay and extra R200 and 100mbs which you would have to pay and extra R400. The increased speeds take in effect after your plan has been delivered and activated.

From our testing of the 5G uncapped 30mbs internet we’ve found that we do in fact get the full 30mbs speed from Rain. We can also see that the speed is being capped to 30mbs from the tower side so we assume that there would be no issues when leveling up your speeds from Rain. We would like to mention that even though we did test the speeds of the Rain 5G we have a very unobstructed line of sight of the nearest tower which is quite close and so our findings may vary with what others will experience. From the 4G sim card testing we almost always had 30mbs and at one point we had around 100mbs so the phone internet speeds have delivered as promoted by rain.

The delivery process is good enough where Rain uses courier service to send the router and modems. The courier service will schedule with you a date and time for when your free, they will require for the individual who purchased the rain promotion to be there in person with their ID and proof of residence.

We are happy with Rain One plan as they have delivered with the speeds of the router as well as the data and speed of the phone. For the price that you pay its very much worth it to purchase the Rain One plan because when you compare it to Fiber home connection you can get a 10mb connection for around R350 and a 50mb connection for around R600 to R700 and still experience connection drops and speed problems. For the affordability of the Rain One Package as well as speeds and the 2 sim cards it is a good deal to look at if your in need of internet and so for these reasons we give it a 7/10. DISCLAIMER we would like to say that our testing lasted for 3 weeks and does not accurately show testing for a long period of time, the distance from the nearest reception tower is the closest it can be so we can not say speeds that could be gained from further away.

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  1. Rain’s after sales service is absolutely dismal. In the 4 months I had the plan, I couldn’t get my phone sims to connect in spite of numerous messages and calls. No electricity, no internet. I don’t gave the means to buy a UPS. Thus I have been paying for services I couldn’t use.

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