The Guide to Purchasing your next smartphone

Looking for a new smartphone or getting an upgrade to your contract can be quite daunting with the endless options available. With the way companies advertise their products its easy to get sucked in and pay 2 arms and half a leg for a device your only realistically going to be using 50% off. With 4 easy steps TechSceneZA will help you in choosing the right phone.

  1. Budget

The budget is the actual deciding factor in choosing your new phone. Its important to decide what are your maximum and minimum costs before looking at different phones. This way you group all phones applicable to you in this sea of choices, making sure that you don’t commit to something that could shove a hole in your bank account as well as cutting off the expensive choices.

  1. Device Use

There’s a few things we need to look at under device use. First we need to look at operating system preference, basically whether you use Android or IOS. Next would be what brand are you loyal to, as this could produce extra features coupled with technology you have at home. The amount of time that you use your phone and whether its for work or personal use as this will impact on battery and guide you to looking at phones with higher or lower milliamp batteries. Deciding whether its for work or personal use can help you in choosing a phone with a lower or higher storage which can impact on the cost of the phone. If your choosing a phone to take amazing pictures well then you need to be on the look out for the phones camera size and pixels.

  1. Task Usage

This is in relation to your processor and ram. Basically you need to know how much of tasks are you asking the phone to accomplish. Certain apps, editors and even games will need higher computing power then the average phone is capable of producing and must be taken into consideration.

  1. Design

You might think the design of the phone isn’t important when shopping for a new one but you would actually be wrong. The design should be considered before choosing your phone as this impacts how comfortable you will be while holding your phone for long periods of time, how you type with it whether its 1 hand or because of how wide it is 2 hands, mounting devices in your vehicle and even the way it fits in your pockets. Design will help you filter unwanted devices making your choice easier.

Using these guidelines you can shorten the choices of your next phone considerably. Now how do we know from our shorten list of phones which is good or bad? Well reviews are one of the best ways in figuring that out as you get peoples honest opinions and user feed back of the performance of the phone as well as any bugs and glitches plaguing the phone.

TechSceneZA advises you to time your purchases correctly. Picking the right date after a new phone comes out can have you saving thousands of Rands. When new models come out generally its predecessors ends up taking a drop in costs and could signal the right time in purchasing.

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