How to connect ASUS Ai Mesh Routers

We at TechSceneZA are going to breakdown how to, thanks to the AI Mesh Feature connect to ASUS routers in order to build a cohesive wider covering network which still uses WI-FI 6 at up to 5GB per second.

So unlike the preconfigured AI Mesh Network we are going to have to make the routers into mesh nodes and have them connect together. So firstly your going to want to log into your Router, click the AI Mesh Link and go to add AIMesh Node. Then it will take you into the search screen so that you can find your other router which should be on and connected. You should get some advice on where to put your AI Mesh Router but after that you can click finish. You should see in the main window your central router as well as the recently connected router but if you don’t no need to fret as it does take a few minutes to sync up.

The Client section has all connected devices and their IP addresses if your on the look out for unknown connected devices. The network section will show all network related information like uplink info, backhaul info, transmit info etc. Under management the Backhaul Priority option allows for more broadband flow into the selected outputs like the Ethernet connections or WI-Fi connections. You also have control over the Link aggregation, frequency used, USB application, Switch Control, Optimization and more.

If your afraid of breaking anything don’t because ASUS makes it so unbelievably simple to use. Just click here and a click there and your pretty much ready to go. If you have the ASUS AX6000 and AX5400 gaming routers check out our review on them which goes over all their features. If you would like a more viewable showcase of setting up your AI Mesh Router check out our video on it.

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