What to expect when your expecting rAge

With tomorrow being rAge we at TechSceneZA thought you guys could use a battle plan for finding all the awesome stalls that you guys have been eagerly anticipating. Also check out our breakdown of prizes you can win at rAge.


So ACGL has got some exclusively amazing discounts from the leading hardware brands like MSI, PC Builder,
AMD, Redragon, Norton, Crucial, and Geil. ACGL will also be having ever fun mini-competitions, giveaways, and contests with awesome rewards waiting for you.


Apex interactive will have 2 stands at rAge, 1) The Razer stand will be exclusively for gaming competitions and prizes while the TriggerCraft stand will be selling all of Apex interactives gaming gear such as Razer, Turtle Beach, Power A, PDP Gaming, Stor Licenced bottles and more at great prices.


The artist alley will be showcasing 38 local artist amazing pieces such ass art prints, anime, figurines, apparel, jewelry,
plushies, cosplay accessories and even custom-made dice.


First time rAge goers ASBIS will showcasing this year ARKTEK, CANYON and LORGAR brands. ARTEK offer leading P.C. components, CANYON offers mobile accessories, computer gadgets, car accessories, and wearables and LORGAR is a brand of gaming devices.


ASUS ROG are putting the fun in rAge with an brilliant king of the hill game as well as gaming competitions for EAFC24, Streetfighter 6, and Forza Horizon 5.


BK PUBLISHING are publishers, editors, linguists and graphic designers who focus on creating local publications.


Brink designs manufactures, designs and retails its own accessories for table top games.


Africas mascot of gaming and digital content is going nuts for rAge. CARRY1ST will be hosting live game challenges for Call of Duty Mobile, Brawl Stars, Clash Royale and Carry1st’s own games such as Mancala Adventures, EverMerge, Ludo Blitz, and Africa Glam. For the cherry on top and a big cherry to boot will be their main event the Carry1st VALZA Cup (SA’s biggest VALORANT tournament ) which will be in partnership with ACGL. This will be broadcast live over the weekend and will feature some of Africa’s top esports players.


C’EST LA VIE HAIR AND BEAUTY the one stop drop for anything with hair. C’EST LA VIE HAIR AND BEAUTY will be showcasing their products, such as the CrownTM Argan range of shampoos, conditioners, masks, hair and body serums, keratin and more. They will also have hair accessories, such as curling irons, straighteners, and hairbrushes.


Chaos kraft the store for people of culture offer various merchandise like Pokémon and Anime themed Desk Pads, Body Pillows, Plushies, Figurines, Hoodies, hand-crafted Habitat Balls and more.


Doritos is showing up to the gaming party this year with gamer LAN setups and dedicating comfortability far as possible. Doritos will be hosting thrilling gaming tournaments, providing lanners with the opportunity to play, compete, and emerge victorious.


If you haven’t heard of Eduvos then your in for a treat. Eduvos. Eduvos the best private higher education provider in South Africa which now has 12 official esports leagues ( yeah my head blew reading this ) one at each of its campuses – making it the largest in the private higher education sector. Eduvos in partnership with RGB gaming will have their students participate in Saturday’s Apex Legends tournament competition.


A haven for gamers, it showcases the latest in gaming experiences, offering a hands-on journey into the future of gaming.


The portal to one of the best games around, it dont matter the age , it don’t matter the race because everyone knows Dungeons and Dragons. Geekware.shop is here with merch, toys and campaigns that slay. Definitly a stand to check out.


Gigabyte Aorus will be showcasing unveiling cutting-edge AMD, Intel, and Nvidia hardware. This booth will be throwing you into VR with the Meta Quest 3 by African Technopreneurs and get exclusive specials through TrueTech.co.za.

Ingozi Games – Poached : Hunt The Hunter

Ingozi Games is a one-man development studio backed by a talented team of voice actors and
musicians. Ingozi Games will have a stall in the Home_Coded section to promote its new game, Poached : Hunt
The Hunter.

Glitch Portal – Themba: The Last Hope

Glitch Portal is a new game development studio and will showcasing their first game Themba: The Last Hope.


Hidden beds as the name suggests is the ghillie suit manufacturer of the Bed World. We’ve seen some of their work and its a creatively ingenious way of making beds.


For those who like to vape and blow circles hydra got your back. Hydra produces the only the only truly local disposable vape product in South Africa.


If your interested in tattoos and like anime this booth got you.


  • Anime stickers at R10 each.
  • Small character keychains: 40% discount.
  • Tungsten rings are 25% off for December at R480.
  • Gothic Masks are on promotion.


IT Support Communication offers customers different kinds of solutions, including Internet Services,
Web Development, Support and Product Sales. Their products are all available online.


Based in Johannesburg, a crowd of anime and gaming enthusiasts, we’ll be on Takealot in the
coming weeks.


KOODOO will be offering an exclusive selection of gaming gear, accessories, and collectibles for those
in the market. Koodoo will be allowing 3 games for everyone to play, PSVR2!, Marvel Spider-man! and Let’s Sing.


If you like anime and you like cars then you’ll love Kudasai. Producing extremely resilient stickers for cars that survive in the most harshest of weather conditions. This year they will be selling awesome mousepads, decorative skate decks and wrapping for P.C. cases, on top of their range of anime car banners, air fresheners and new sticker designs. They will have wrapped cars on display for attendees to take photos with.


LFM Productions is a Lifestyle production studio based in Sandton, South Africa. They supply wrapping vinyl, reflective JDM anime vinyl stickers, car accessories such as car perfume/body kits/carbon fibre parts, and more.


The leading miniature manufacturer in South Africa. They offer an incredible variety of miniatures from a range of worlds and themes. They also offer 3D printing and hobby supplies.


The highly anticipated Mamelodi Sundowns FIFA 23 Championship makes its return, backed by the DStv Premiership Champions and Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club and hosted by Mettlestate. Friday: The top eight (8) Finalists battle it out to determine who will make it to the semi-finals. With the games being broadcast to Mettlestate’s Twitch. Saturday: The Mamelodi Sundowns FIFA 23 Championships’ exciting conclusion, the semi-finals, battle for third, and grand finals will take place.


If your looking to chill off, rest the feet after walking around the Gallagher halls the mettlestate lounge is the place to be. They also have a games of all genres so that you can relax as a true gamer.


Monster will have a big rig on site with a D.J. booth, product sampling and a photo booth, where fans
can take pics with the Monster team and take home a printout memory. They will also have stickers and random merchandised handouts over the weekend. Be aware for the Rig RIot where they call the audience to the RIg and start throwing merchandise.


MSI is partnering with AMD for rAge to allow fans test their incredible hardware through triple A games with a chance of actually purchasing them at amazing discounts. MSI will also have the latest and greatest MSI monitors on display as well as exclusive showcasing of products launched during the Computex show this year.MSI will also be hosting an MSI Cosplay Photo Booth taken by a Professional Photographer and sent to you for free.


Nano Snax and Snacks Fundie specialise in gourmet artisan snacks, carefully selected and sourced
ingredients, and meticulously prepared to tantalise foodies’ taste buds. Their product range includes
Nuts, Truffles, PRALINES, Dragees, Hungarian-style cured meats and Smoked Cheese.


Nexus Hub & GunplaSA bring you the biggest selection of official Gundam, Pokemon & Anime themed model kits available in SA. All that alongside the usual excellent range of Tabletop, Board games, Video Games, PC hardware and a massive range of peripherals. Get exclusive deals and experience D&D sessions, Magic The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh Tournaments and GunplaSA BuildMeet Workshops where you can learn to paint, build and customise your model kit at the expanded demo area.


Fueled by the excitement of sports, the Osiris community comprises innovative teams serving the globally acclaimed sports betting powerhouse, Betway.


For the Japan lovers rAge has brought a piece of Ikebukuro Japan for the Otakus of South Africa. The brand’s focus on clothing extends to Otaku Kulture, where an array of anime- themed products such as Jet Tags, Lanyards, 3D Stickers, 3D Posters, Keychains, Air Fresheners, and Anime Desk Mats are featured. With over 150 new designs across various categories, they are set to unveil their latest creations at the upcoming rAge Expo, emphasising an expansion beyond clothing.


Raging River craft games are more than just a development house; they’re a hub of innovation dedicated to creating next-level online excitement. Raging River has a cool competition where you can build your own bot and battle it out to win.


Red Rabbit Tattoo Studio is a small two-person studio situated in Huddle Park. Mike and Nicole are both very versatile in their styles, but both love doing anime, neotraditional, and realism while always trying to design custom pieces for their clients. They will be offering small tattoos (5×5 and 8×8) during the rAge convention. People are welcome to bring their own designs, provided they fit reasonably into the sizes, but they will also have some pre- drawn designs available. Their stand will also have some custom prints available for purchase,discounted vouchers, and red rabbit t-shirts. Their artists will be available to set up future bookings at the studio and consult prospective clients.


RGB is bringing the competitiveness to rAge all weekend so bring you A game guys.

Minecraft Championship: Friday, December 8th
Primary Schools will face off to become the rAge 2023 champions.
Apex Legends: Saturday, December 9th
15 University teams will play for top position.
Rookie Rumble: Sunday, December 10th
A host of new schools will experience an Esports tournament, playing Minecraft, with one team
coming out on top.
There will also be Open Minecraft tournaments, Build Challenges, and console gaming for Fortnite, FIFA, and Overcooked. Fans will also get a chance to create a render of themselves at their AI Booth as part of the rAge App QR Code Treasure Hunt. Spectators will also have the opportunity to experience Eduvos’ showcase of student games made this year in the Eduvos Game Jam showcase.


This year at rAge, SMD Technologies is showcasing various products from their renowned brands – Volkano, VX Gaming, Logitech, and Creality. Volkano will be presenting it latest lines at the expo and the focus will be immersive audio experiences, seamlessly integrating with various gaming and multimedia platforms.

V.X. Gaming is also showcasing their latest line of peripherals. Their new lineup includes high-precision gaming mice, responsive keyboards and immersive headsets. These peripherals are tailored for both amateur and professional gamers, promising an elevated gaming experience.

Logitech G will be showcasing its latest innovations at rAge. This includes advanced gaming mice with state-of-the-art sensor technology, keyboards with customisable keys for an optimised gaming experience, and headsets with 3D audio capabilities.

Creality renowned for its groundbreaking 3D printers, will feature its latest models at the expo. These 3D printers are designed for both hobbyists and professionals, offering high precision, There will be live demonstrations on how these creationist are used and will be awe-inspiring.


Snapscan has an awesome scavenger hunt where you have to find Snap Scan influencers and they will be handing out QR codes which if all 5 collected stand you a chance to win a PS5.


SYZYGY specialises in photographic and videographic entertainment for all events. With a wide variety of photobooths and other services, They sell photo booth prints and 360 videos.


The Animation School is ranked 12th in the world and number 1 in Africa by Animation Career Review website in 2023. They boast world-class campuses in Cape Town and Johannesburg. They will be exhibiting at rAge this year to push brand awareness for high school students looking for a creative career option and industry professionals looking for fresh new talent to join their studios. They’ve also teamed up with Preymaker studios who are offering a full scholarship to one talented applicant at their Cape Town campus. Applications for the Preymaker scholarship are now open. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram, or watch their amazing student films on YouTube.


The Autistic and Awesome Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advocating for the rights and needs of individuals on the autism spectrum. They provide education, support, and celebrate the unique abilities of autistic individuals. The foundation shares positivity, inclusion and showcases the understanding that’s lacking in our society. Find out how you can support here: www.autisticandawesomefoundation.org.


URBANX HUMAN CLAW MACHINE is it a claw machine picking people? Is it a claw machine thats made out of you and you need to grab the prizes? Come check out this mystery event that UrbanX partnered with Cougar Gaming, Redragon, NeuroVance, SnapScan, and PC Builder.


RGB Gaming is bringing a live V.R. Arena to rAge. This will be a large free-roaming V.R. space for attendees to play laser tag in two-on-two tournaments with referees. It converts any open space into an immersive laser tag battleground, where participants can engage in a dynamic, ever-changing gaming experience.


WeThinkCode_ is an effective platform for training youth in digital skills. They are excited to be joining rAge 2023, where they will be helping attendees learn more about coding and becoming a software developer.


Wundorful is an online retail venture bringing luxurious gifts and popular character merchandise to all of South Africa. They look worldwide for fun and unique items from franchises such as Harry Potter, Disney and Marvel. Their focus is on quality and authenticity, so all their products are licensed and authentic. Their main attraction is theirTheory11 luxury playing card collection – which is very rare in South Africa.


Unplugged Coding with Six Bricks is a concept developed by Care for Education, an NGO driven to educate children about computer science and robotics while providing all the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to become successful in our ever-changing technological world. The concept is simple: Unplugged Coding is all about teaching computer skills without using technology.


URBAN PLAYGROUND got a few cool things lined up for us this rAge. They will be holding a skate park exhibition of the top skaters in S.A. as they prepare to compete in the S.A. Champs at their venue on the 16th of December – this is part of the Olympic qualifier. They will be hosting the finals of the RawStyles dance league, which is the top 10 street dancers in Johannesburg. They will have a breakdancing event on Friday and dance call outs on Saturday and Sunday. Anyone is welcome to dance. For the office fans there will be some parkour demos and exhibitions which anyone will be able to join.


Friday: Kick off the gaming extravaganza with interactive sessions featuring a chance for attendees to play on the big stage. Industry experts and local gaming personalities will host panels, providing insights into the esports scene and creating an engaging atmosphere for all attendees. Saturday will be where the event happens with the top 4 teams from Sub-Saharan
Africa duke out for bragging rights…… and money!

Throughout the Weekend: Grab exclusive merchandise at the stand and participate in giveaways,
adding an extra layer of excitement to the esports spectacle. Stay tuned to Carry1st and ACGL socials
for exciting announcements about hosts and commentary teams, promising an unparalleled show in

TechSceneZA will be going through rAge with a fine tooth comb and reporting back the fun experiences we’ll have. If your also down at rAge look out for our ship stearer Preshaan and go and say hi!!!

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